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Pop Pop Candies The Pop Pop Candies game Bottom Cotton Sweetie! Will be a pleasant surprise for real fans of sweets, and in particular, sweets. Instead of the usual beautiful interface, you get a real blast of sweets! Today, instead of the usual colorful balls, our sweet cannon will shoot delicious sweets: candy, caramel, small cakes, chocolate sweets, chupa chups, sugar marmalade and other delicious. On the top panel will be placed multi-colored sweets, and from below will be a sugar cannon. You need to carefully consider all the candies at the top and try to shoot so that the candies and truffles gather for three or more sweets in one row along the vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Once you do this, then the candy will disappear and you will be able to get to the next batch of yummy. Have a good game!
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