Cut the Rope PLAY GAME
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Cut the Rope Cut the Rope sometimes when you bring home a package with food or a box and you can find a surprise there. This time we will find in the box an unknown green monster named Am Nyam. This cutie is always hungry and his favorite delicacy are sweets. These beautiful, brilliant and enticing lollipops can not leave the monster indifferent, no matter how much they eat. But just sitting and watching him crack the sweets is also uninteresting and we came up with a little game for him. To get a candy you need to cut the rope on which it is. But that's not all. At each level there will be three asterisks. You must collect them and then you can choose a new box for the monster Am Nyama. The more stars, the more beautiful will be the box of your new pet - gourmet. Feed the animal and he will be incredibly happy. Have a good game!">">">">" title="">">">">">"..." border="0" alt="" />