Regular Show World War Robot

Regular Show World War Robot PLAY GAME
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Regular Show World War Robot In the home town of Mordecai and Rigby Regular Show World War Robot game, the news boomed. In the forest near the city, someone saw a flying saucer. Then there were more eyewitnesses, as, indeed, flying saucers. And then a real nightmare began! The plates flew to the central square and began to unload the hordes of their soldiers. And on top of everything, the soldiers turned out to be robots and the city was swallowed up by the war for survival. The most desperate were seized for their weapons and went on the attack on the enemy. Among them was Rigby. He armed himself to the teeth. In his arsenal there is a machine gun, and he can throw grenades at the enemy. But be careful, because the enemies are very hardy and attack the crowd. Help Rigby protect his native places and favorite video games. Good luck! The city hopes for your help!">">">">" title="">">">">">"..." border="0" alt="" />