Ninjago Forgotten City

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Ninjago Forgotten City Received a message that the city is in trouble. The Ninjago Forgotten City was completely occupied by enemy forces. In the center roam crowds of monsters: monsters, ghosts, robots and other creatures. Urgently need your help! The warriors of Ninjago and Master Wu conferred and decided that Kai would go to the rescue. After all, it is his fiery sword that is better than any other weapon, to cope with monsters and robots at the same time. Kai briefly went to the city. In the game "Lego Ninjago: Forgotten City" you are waiting for a crowd of enemies. They all differ in their strength and powerful attacks, so be careful. At the end of the level, the Chief Boss will be waiting for you. At this point it is necessary to gather strength, because this monster is strong and dangerous. You will have to apply all the strength and dexterity to defeat the evil enemy. Have a good game!">">">">" title="">">">">">"..." border="0" alt="" />